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Friday, July 20, 2018

Hoi An, Vietnam (Part 1): The Hoi An Tropical Resort

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, my wife and I spent 6 days in Vietnam last month. In that blog post I talked about our last stop in Vietnam, which was Halong Bay. Today, I'm going to begin Part 1 of our first stop in Vietnam: Hoi An. I'm going to specifically talk about the Hoi An Tropical Resort

My friend Stephen Keen recommended me to visit Hoi An because he said it was his favorite city in Vietnam. My wife and I tried to choose a resort carefully because knew that we could find a really nice resort at a reasonable price. After combing through, we made a very solid choice in the form of the Hoi An Tropical Resort. Unfortunately we had a limited time constraint due to wanting to see Hanoi and Hoi An. Therefore, we could only stayed for two days, which sped by faster than Halley's Comet. Although the time at the Hoi An Tropical Resort was short, it was very sweet.

Let me give you details of our arrival. When we arrived in Danang, someone from the hotel picked us up and drove us to the city of Hoi An. The trip was about 40 minutes and it was a steamy, wet day! After my wife and I checked in, the staff was nice enough to escort us to our rooms via golf cart. I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful customer service. Here's a picture of what the rooms look like:

They are very clean inside. We got free water, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and towels of course. After we dropped off our suitcases we headed to the restaurant, which was near the pool and about 30 feet from the beach!

Hoi An Tropical Resort pool on a steamy day
Another view of the pool

My first meal was noodles with meat and vegetables. It cost about $4 at this very nice four-star resort and I was quite satisfied! We also ate breakfast and one more dinner here because the dishes were much better than we expected. The price of the food was inexpensive and the quality of it was outstanding. 

Not a bad first choice for dinner! Here's mine!

Here's my wife's. Yes, the theme was noodles!
If you would like to know how breakfast is, it's even better than dinner. For breakfast you can get an omelette, pho, waffles, potatoes, sausage, vegetables, passion fruit juice, orange juice, coffee, etc. The layout was fantastic. You can see me eating breakfast here:

Breakfast during the next morning

While we were eating dinner on our first night, it poured off and on. We knew we were in the midst of rainy season, but we were hoping to get at least two or three days of sun while we were there.

After dinner, we walked around the grounds and took a look at how close we were to the beach. There was a cool swing that my wife got on. You can tell that they take care of this hotel well by how trimmed the grass is.

The next day we had postcard resort weather. It was unbelievably beautiful and looked a lot closer to the pictures we saw on

The next day was much sunnier!
We also got a massage at this hotel in a separate building on the premises of the resort. The staff in that building accepted us quickly despite us not making a reservation. They even had us picked up by golf cart to take us back to our room. When we finished our massage, they had umbrellas waiting for us, so that we could get onto the golf carts without getting wet. That was V.I.P. service to the max. 

And here's the best part about this hotel. We reserved a Deluxe Double Room with Ocean View for a price of $175.50 (USD). My wife and I loved the experience so much that I don't mind advertising for them on my blog. Thank you to the Hoi An Tropical Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam!

Scott Worden (The L.A./Seoul Guy)
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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sermon: A Real King's Banquet (July 8, 2018) by Pastor Andrew Gu

Mark 6:30-44

There are only two miracles that are covered in all five of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John): The Resurrection and the feeding of the 5,000. If that's the case, then the feeding of the 5,000 must be pretty significant. It's also not an accident that the story came after King Herod's banquet in the book of Mark.

In verses 30-44,  we know that the disciples were tired and wanted rest despite the crowds continuing to seek after Jesus. Jesus's disciples were annoyed and didn't want to deal with the crowds. However, Jesus wasn't annoyed and he showed compassion, patience, and affection towards them. The way we view people shows how we should respond. The disciples saw it as a disadvantage. They were thinking that if they have that many people, how could they feed them? Jesus saw them as people that needed guidance and love. Maybe that's why you're here today. You've heard of Jesus and want to know more about Him.

Jesus never gets tired of meeting our needs. Jesus's compassion has no end. Jesus was tired but still taught them. When Jesus teaches us, he refreshes our spirits.

In verses 35-44, we see Jesus continuing to teach, but dinner time is approaching and everyone is hungry. The disciples quickly forgot and said that they should send the crowds away. They thought it would be an impossible task to feed them. The disciples saw Jesus do many miracles, so you would think that they would have the attitude that Jesus was going to take care of it. But they're humans. They quickly forgot and panicked. On the other hand, Jesus  was in control and focused on what they had and not on what they didn't have. Jesus told them "You lack nothing". Jesus + Nothing = Everything.

What they don't realize is that they're about to have a feast (vs. 39). They're in the wilderness but Jesus tells them to sit on the green grass. There's a lot of imagery here. Green tells us that it was spring time. This story reflects a picture of life and abundance. In the English version, it says Jesus told the people to sit down. But in Greek, he actually said "recline". He's using banquet language. A banquet is a festive celebration and there's plenty to eat.

Who was invited to Herod's banquet (Mark 6:14-29)? Only the elite and most important. It's invite only. Jesus's banquet is in the open field and everyone is invited. Herod's main event was for his own self-indulgence and provocative dancing. Beautiful women would parade in front of him to please his own desires and no one else's. Jesus's banquet focused on all of his guests and he made sure everyone was taken care of. He saw them as sheep without a shepherd. Jesus did whatever he could for the benefit of his sheep. Power corrupted Herod and killed a righteous man (John the Baptist). Herod used his power in a wicked way. Jesus is all-powerful but he isn't corrupt. You can trust Him because he uses his power for the good of his people.

A true shepherd (1) provides, (2) guides, and (3) protects his sheep. Herod fails in all of these. In Jesus's banquet, a righteous man eventually dies. The person that dies is the host of the banquet and by his own choice. He did this so that others could partake in the banquet. In Jesus's banquet, they all ate and were satisfied. Jesus always gives us what we need. We are all invited to Jesus's banquet. His nails in his hands show how much he loves us. See Isaiah 25:6-8. You can also read how much Jesus has to offer you in Psalm 23. Will you join in his banquet?

Scott Worden (The L.A./Seoul Guy)

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Halong Bay, Vietnam (June 2018)

Three weeks ago, my wife traveled to Hoi An, Halong Bay, and a brief stay in Hanoi. Today, I'll tell you about our wonderful trip to Halong Bay. Next time, I'll let you know about the very underrated city of Hoi An.

Before going to Halong Bay I heard a lot about it. Many students talked about it and one Kiwi friend mentioned how she had a blast when she and her husband went there last year. Because of hearing about it so much, I knew it would be nice but I didn't want the hype to cause me to have high expectations of this place.

While my wife and I were booking flights and hotels for Vietnam, I told my wife that we should wait until we are in Vietnam in order to book our tickets to Halong Bay. Why? I wanted to hear what the locals said about the place first and more importantly, every hotel and travel agency in Hanoi will try to offer you the best deal there. Sure enough. We tried our own hotel and they gave us some options but they seemed a bit expensive, so we tried two travel agencies. The first one gave us the same options and although the prices were slightly cheaper, we tried another one. We decided on staying to get a 1-night/2-day cruise and it was rated three stars. The deal we got was pretty amazing. We paid $115 which included all of our meals, a cabin, kayaking, hiking, swimming, fishing, and exploring a cave.

From our hotel, our guide, Thang (from Legacy Legend Cruises) picked us up at 8:00am at the Hanoi Space Hotel. He was a great guide because he was funny, patient, and very detailed into explaining what we were to do while we were on our cruise. He even had to wait for a group of five Chinese people that were still hiking while the rest of us were sitting on the boat wondering where they were. The rest of us went back to our cruise boat while Thang kept searching for them. What a tough job that a tour guide has!

After we arrived at our spot in Halong Bay, we went hiking. From there we took a long 4.5 hour ride in a van to the city of Halong. But the ride wasn't so bad. We had one rest stop where you can go to the bathroom, but some snacks, or buy some souvenirs. On top of that we saw some beautiful landscape along the way:

On the way to Halong Bay

Once we got there, we got out of our vans, and boarded our boat:

About ready to board our boat

Here's a look at our cabin. It wasn't huge but it was comfortable and since we were on a three-star cruise, we couldn't complain. We got toothpaste, shampoo, two cheap toothbrushes, and a bed that was comfortable enough:

Our cabin
And then we were on our way with some other vessels along the bay:

Just leaving the city of Halong

Next, we could start to see the limestone karsks and islets approaching in the distance:

Limestone ahead!

Limestone karsks and isles

And of course we had to take pictures while on the sundeck of the boat:

After a great lunch, we got into a smaller boat and headed to one of the islets to go hiking. Once we got there, we saw a statue of a Soviet astronaut, Gherman Titov, which was put on the islet in 2015. He apparently contributed to the reunification and liberation of Vietnam. You can learn more about him in this article.

Ti Top (Titov) Island
Once we finished a great lunch, we got into a smaller boat and headed to one of the islets to go hiking. Immediately after we got there, we saw a statue of a Soviet astronaut, Gherman Titov, which was put on the islet in 2015. He apparently contributed to the reunification and liberation of Vietnam. You can learn more about him in this article.

From there we hiked up the mountain, which took us about 40 minutes coming up and down. The view from the top was pretty amazing!

We then made our way down but we didn't have time to swim at Ti Top Island since we would go to another area to swim and kayak at. Eunhee and I were hot from the heat and humidity so we couldn't wait to get into the water. From there, most of us took the small boat back to our cruise boat to get changed except the group of five Chinese people that Thang couldn't find (as mentioned earlier). We rested for about an hour in our cabins before Thang let us know that kayaking was the next activity. All of the people from our cruise boat got back into the small boat and had a nice ride to our kayaking area.

After we were told what we could do, Eunhee and I got into our kayak and we just admired the scenery all around us. Since Eunhee wasn't a great swimmer, I would joke around and rock the boat a bit to try and freak her out. After a couple of times, I thought that was enough and let her enjoy the scenery. Haha!

Sadly, Eunhee couldn't get into the water since our kayaking area was in the middle of the ocean. However, I had to jump in to get refreshed and the water was really nice! I just wish Eunhee could have enjoyed it with me.

After we swam and kayaked, we went back to our cruise boat to rest. Dinner would be coming up next! We got on the sundeck and took in the beautiful scenery at night and were mesmerized by how quiet it was. We could see various other vessels lit up as it got darker and darker.

Halong Bay at Twilight

Getting darker
Then we ate dinner and rested before we tried our shot at squid fishing. Squid fishing was pretty simple. We just got a pole, no bait, and a hook. It was like competing in the lottery. The chances of catching something was REALLY small. But lo and behold, Eunhee caught a squid and she was the ONLY one on our boat that was able to.

A very tiny squid that Eunhee caught!

Just before she caught the squid
After squid fishing, we went to sleep and rested for the next day. The next morning, we had breakfast and then went back onto the small boat and headed to a cave. Eunhee and I were both expecting the cave to be small and interesting but we didn't expect how big it was going to be. We were pretty stunned at how tall and wide it was with various stalactites and stalagmites lining up the astounding mystery of God's creation. We were thoroughly impressed and it was definitely the cherry on top of this fantastic experience. Here are some various pictures of what we saw:

Myself exploring a cave!
We are so short compared to the height of the cave!
How enormous and beautiful it was!

Outside the cave
Outside the cave

After we went caving, we had lunch and headed back to Halong Bay. It was totally worth the experience and I totally recommend anyone to give it a shot. You won't be disappointed!

Scott Worden (The L.A./Seoul Guy)
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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Borrowing Money From Friends

Recently I lost a really good friend (or at least I thought he was a good friend) to an issue over money and his attitude behind it. From a worldly standpoint, I was totally in the right. From a Christian standpoint, I might have been partially wrong.

In November 2008, my friend borrowed W4,000,000 won ($3,734). He didn't tell me exactly what it was for but he said he needed to do it for business. A month later, he asked me for another W1,000,000 but I refused.

For the first two or three years, my friend felt bad that he wasn't able to pay me back. I mentioned that he could make a payment plan and pay me that way, but he said that he wanted to pay me back in a lump sum. He had a sense of pride I guess.

In 2013, he approached me with a proposal. He said that he thought we could write e-books together and with all of our books, we would be able to split the profits. The main reason my friend came up with this idea was so that he could help pay off his debt to me and I thought it was a good idea.

I wrote three books of my own and he wrote two books of his own. However, we expected to get more profit from the books that we wrote together. The books that we wrote together included two books about how to learn English (for ESL learners) and three children's books. The profits would go to my US bank account since the ebooks we submitted were through Amazon. We really expected the children's books to take off since our illustrations were good and we thought the dialogue was simple but useful for young children. Little did we know that we aimed a bit too young. We probably should have aimed at elementary school children instead of preschool children, so the books never took off since kids at that age don't use computers or kindles. Only their parents can show them the books on their phones or tablets. The books that we wrote by ourselves had mild success, but the children's books turned out to be an utter failure.

So my friend continued to be indebted to me and it made our get togethers more awkward over time. I remember one time when I went to his home and his wife was telling me how much they had to spend on rent, utilities, and other expenses. I was wondering why she brought that up but I was pretty sure she was trying to tell me that there was no way my friend was going to be able to pay the money back for quite some time.

Yet during the next few years my friend took his family (his wife and daughter) to Scotland to see his family, to Portugal to visit his mother who retired there, and bought a new TV that my wife noticed when we came over to his home one time. I never said anything but my wife and I didn't understand his attitude. He had the money to do those things but made no effort to pay any of his debt to me. We continued to let him slide.

My wife and I would go to my friend's area to have dinner with him, his wife, and his daughter and there was no talk about the books. My friend eventually stopped talking about it and then I told him on two occasions that I forgave his debt even though it was a big chunk of money that I lost. I honestly didn't want to lose a friendship over money even though I thought he was selfish and inconsiderate towards me. After the first time I mentioned forgiving him of his debt, he said that he still felt bad but he still planned to pay it back. Three months ago, when we had dinner together, I mentioned once again that I forgave his debt and that he didn't need to worry about it. He said that he wasn't a good friend in that area and that he "hoped" to pay me back sometime in the future (even less confident this time). He also said that he felt that I was "too nice" in this regard.

Well since he knew that I was a nice guy, he once again tested to see how far I would go with my understanding nature. Almost three weeks ago on a Monday morning at 8:00am, my friend kept texting me to see if I could talk really quick. I said that I was in class and I would talk to him later. He said to please call him back after 9:00am. That day was a bit busy for me since my wife and I were supposed to visit another friend who was in the hospital due to him having cancer. I called him while I was heading to the subway station after my morning classes. My friend said that his uncle passed away and he was asked to be a pallbearer. He said that he didn't have money for a flight ticket and asked if he could pull his profits from his book profits. #1 in order to do that I would have to be there in person to wire it to my Korean account. #2 Since I couldn't do that, I would have to pull money out of my bank account in Korea that I share with my wife, which I wasn't planning to do. I told him that I would ask my wife since that is a very huge decision to make. He pressured me to let him know before the day was over and I felt that was a bit bold and rude considering that he never paid me the W4,000,000 back. I met my wife at the subway station near our home to make our way to where my friend was in the hospital. I texted my friend that he had the gall to ask for the money after owing me W4,000,000. He acted very surprised that I would be upset and I told him that I would call him later. Once again, he pressured me to get back to him by the end of the day.

My wife said that I shouldn't have to pay him the money back, but she was curious how much profit he made from his books and how much profit I made. After spending three hours checking my bank statements and Amazon, I came up with a conservative estimate. I made about $3,500 from our books and he made a maximum of $1,200 but could have been less. My feeling was that yes, he did make some profit from his books but how could he honestly ask for that money after he made me go 10 years without paying the original debt? I even forgave that debt and said that he didn't need to pay it back, so why would he try to claim money that he didn't deserve? Most of my friends agreed with my rationale except one. He said that if I forgave the debt, then I should have given him the book profits. He quoted Matthew 5:42 (never turn away a friend who wants to borrow from you) and Luke 6:42 (love your enemies and lend to them without expecting anything in return).

But I never expected him to pay me back and I was okay with that. Why should I give him more money and reward him for taking advantage of me already? I've treated him to dinner or coffee more often than he has treated me (NOTE: he paid sometimes including my birthday this year) and my wife and I always went to his area to meet him and his wife for dinner. And this was all after he had been indebted to me. However, I didn't care about those things. Friendship means sacrifice. On the other hand friendship doesn't mean to take advantage of the other person and I'm tired of always being too nice and people walking all over me.

I emailed him a very direct letter explaining that I wouldn't be giving him the money and if he wanted to talk about it, we could either text or meet in person. I wasn't going to have him talk over me on the phone and I wanted my wife to hear everything. He obviously didn't like it and unfriended me on Facebook and unfollowed my Instagram page. I've heard nothing from him since then which is too bad. I was very sad when he unfriended me but my wife said "Well, you wiped the dirt from your hands." She felt that he chose money over our friendship. Maybe I could have given him the $1,200 but I wasn't going to take money out from a bank account that I share with my wife. That's not fair to my wife or myself. It's truly sad and disheartening. We had been friends for 13 years and he was one of my groomsmen. I truly hope we can be friends again, but I will not contact him since I don't believe in one-sided friendships. When it comes to friendships, quality is much better than quantity.

Advice: Never lend a large amount of money to friends. Either you give it as a gift and don't expect to get it back or you don't lend it at all. It's not worth losing a friendship over.

Scott Worden (The L.A./Seoul Guy)
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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Achasan (Acha Mountain) in Seoul, South Korea

Lotte Tower in the background

One of the most underrated areas of Seoul is Achasan. Achasan, with an altitude of 295.7 meters stretches from Seoul to the city of Guri. The mountain can be found right dab in the city off of Line 7 on the Seoul Metro. My friend Nate Sympson recommended going there because it is a great place for photographers to get stunning sunset and twilight shots. After about 40 minutes of hiking, you'll observe a panoramic view of Seoul that includes the Han River, Lotte Tower to your left, and N Seoul Tower (formerly known as Namsan Tower). N Seoul Tower will be off to your right and in the next picture below. I had heard about Achasan a few times, but never realized how wonderful the views were from there.

N Seoul Tower off into the distance
Here's a little history of the mountain. During the Joseon Dynasty, the two peaks (Bonghwa and Yongmabong) as well as the Manguri Cemetery were originally considered part of Achasan Mountain. 20 bastions were discovered on the mountain that were originally estimated to date back to the Three Kingdoms Era. Further research indicated that some of the remains were actually part of the military fortress built during the Goguryeo Era (37 BC to 668 AD). Due to these findings, Achasan Mountain was officially designated as Historic Site #455 in the year 2004.

The other side of the Han River

My Review: This place is popular among Koreans but few non-Koreans talk about it which is surprising. However, since few tourists come here, it's not an overly crowded place. I was pretty amazed by the view and we stayed for three hours just seeing the different lighting of the sun as it got darker. You can see Lotte Tower light up slowly and see the city lights illuminate as the minutes tick away. It was breathtaking to say the least. Since my friend and I came up in March, the weather during the afternoon was perfect, but it got windy as 6:00pm approached. That is something that you should keep in mind. Also, if you do plan to come here, I would suggest to bring a lunch because there aren't many restaurants on the way to the entrance to the hiking trails. There are a couple of small Korean restaurants on the way there, but my friend and I just decided to meet my wife and her friend at Wangsimni Station (5 subway stations away) for dinner after hiking. Here are a couple of more shots before you go:

How To Get There: Take Seoul Subway Line 5 to Achasan Station and come out of Exit 2.
Walk straight and turn on the second left street.
Walk straight for approximately 210 meters.
Follow the street on the right after the three-way intersection (also known as a Y-junction).
Follow the street for approximately 470 meters and turn right towards Dongui Elementary School.
Walk straight until you get to the Achasan Park Entrance.
It will take you about 10-15 minutes from Achasan Station.

Scott Worden (The L.A./Seoul Guy)
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Friday, May 25, 2018

This Week in Seoul (April 21-25, 2018)

Living abroad has some amazing moments, funny moments, frustrating moments, and downright weird moments. Here are some events that happened to me this week in Seoul:

1. An older student made me laugh because he told the other student in my class (a girl in her early 20s) that her skin looked like ceramics. Apparently that means that your skin looks good in Korean culture if you compare skin to ceramics. *smile*

2. I went to Olympic Park and enjoyed the beautiful weather and while I was there a really nice Korean man in his 60s or 70s was walking with his wife and approached me. He asked if I wanted my picture taken of the scenery since he thought I was a tourist. He definitely never considered that some people (not me of course) take selfies nowadays. My kind of guy! Once he found out that I had lived in Korea for 15 years, he was shocked and said that I am already Korean. 

3. I went to the bathroom at Olympic Park and heard the song "Let it Be" on the radio in the form of the Korean instrument, the gayageum (가야금). It had a very calm and relaxing sound. But apparently one of my friends thought this was too much information, so if you feel that way too, I apologize! Haha!

4. Today I went to a Korean diner for lunch called Kimbap Cheonguk (Heaven). It serves cheap and fairly decent tasting Korean food and while I sat down to order my meal, a man in his late 40s started talking to me in Korean. I thought he was being friendly so I told him where I was from, what I did in Korea, etc. Then 5 minutes later, he asked if he could have my phone number and become Kakaotalk friends, which was a bit weird but totally possible in Korea. Also in Korea, these things don't really bother me since Korean people are very harmless, so I obliged. Later on in the conversation, I couldn't understand him perfectly, but it seemed like he wanted to hang out after we had lunch. I told him in Korean that I had to go back to work. However, as soon as I finished my meal, he seemed to rush through his meal right after I did. I went to pay for my meal and he was right behind me, which I thought was a bit creepy. I walked fast to a convenient store nearby since I was planning to get a dessert snack anyway. After I paid for my candy bar, I noticed him walking off to the right. I found that to be weird since I took about 10 minutes to look for my candy bar. Was he looking for me so that he could talk to me before letting me go back to work? Who knows? But it was certainly strange and I was glad that he didn't notice me walking the opposite direction. To top it off, when I got back to work, he texted me and told me he was the guy that ate kimbap with me. Then he invited me to a group chat with 167 people in it. In the group chat, there was a posting of Trump's letter to Kim Jong Un rejecting the Singapore Summit. I left the group chat and he quickly responded by texting why I left the group chat and said that he would invite me again. I had my coworkers text him in Korean that I wasn't interested. Thankfully, he seems to have gotten the hint. What a bizarre and extremely unexpected situation to be in!

Scott Worden (The L.A./Seoul Guy)
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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sermon: "The Royal Family" by Edward Chun (April 22, 2018)

Mark 3:20-35

Mark uses a literary "sandwich technique" in the book of Mark. He puts two stories together to create one idea. He is trying to tell us who Jesus is in Chapter 3. First, we find out who isn't in Jesus's royal family.  Secondly, we find out who will never be in his royal family. Finally, we find out who is in Jesus's royal family.

Let's start with who isn't. See verses 20-21. Jesus's family thought he was crazy. Ironically these are people that spent the majority of is life with him.  They find themselves on the outside of Jesus's royal family (vs. 31). Jesus's kingdom doesn't operate like this world. In this world, if you're born into a royal family, you're in and if you're not you're not. It's not like Jesus's family couldn't be a part of his royal family but at this point in time (Mark 3), they aren't.  Jesus's said that his mother wasn't his mother. The reason they're on the outside is that they came to arrest and seize him. He wasn't acting how he would normally act. Even if are in proximity to Jesus (go to church every, born in a Christian family, have Christian friends, and/or listen to Christian music), that doesn't necessarily make you a Christian.Are we controlling Jesus or is He controlling us? We should respond "It's really hard but I trust you!" Always check your heart.

There's one area of the Word that tells us who doesn't belong (vs. 22). Not only did the scribes say that Jesus was crazy, but they also said he was possessed by Satan. Jesus responds in verse 23 by saying "How can Satan cast out Satan (paraphrased)?" Why in the world would Satan cast out his own demons? In verse 27, we see that "the strong man" means Satan and the house means Satan's kingdom. The plunder has already begun. The Royal Family of Jesus is already being established.

Then Jesus gives a severe warning. He mentions the unforgivable sin: blaspheming the Holy Spirit. It means to deliberately or intentionally repudiate the work of God's Spirit though Jesus. That's not to say that people can't turn back towards Jesus. God always forgives those who come to Jesus after rejecting Him before. We all have rebelled and rejected Jesus (Psalm 51). However, when you say Jesus is evil and possessed by Satan, that is the unforgivable sin (vs. 30). The scribes can no longer distinguish between good and evil (Isaiah 5:20). It's unforgivable because you can't repent any more and if you don't repent, you can't be saved.

So who is part of the Royal Family? Whoever does the will of God. It is to do what the scribes aren't doing: Believe! Today if you are struggling to believe, trust, or obey, look towards the Son. Look at the King and spend some serious time with Him. He's the King who bound the strong man on the cross. We can enjoy the plunder in His Royal Family. He has invited us to be a part of his family. Let's accept that invitation.

Scott Worden (The L.A./Seoul Guy)
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Instagram: laseoulguy